The Student Government Association is here to represent YOU.

The SGA is your voice to the administration. We’re here to remind you that your voice matters more than ever. We are a forum where students bring their concerns about campus issues ranging from academics to safety. We address local, state, and national issues which affect students while organizing community events to foster school spirit, and work together to bond the community. SGA Executive Cabinet and Senate Meeting Minutes are updated regularly, please check back for new information. We are so committed to representing you that we even have a representative at every level of the administration… including the Board of Visitors.

It’s the question we’re all asking. Will you lead?

Every year, students have the opportunity to participate in a process that is amazing. Students have a chance to serve as members of the Executive Cabinet of the Student Government Association. As the highest elected body on campus, the Student Government Association has the duty of articulating the student voice to the administration and beyond. The cabinet of 16 people represent the entire student body at UMW and then –under the direction of the SGA President– work to find solutions for common problems on campus. The SGA strives to work together to turn UMW Problems into solutions. Each member of the cabinet has a different job that they do that benefits the student body in a different way. The question you have to ask yourself is… will you lead?

How do you run to serve UMW?

To run for office you must attend an election workshop or contact the SGA (help@umwsga.org) to become nominated. Election workshops are usually held on two different days during the months of March or April in the Underground. Nominations will be announced and the results of the Executive Cabinet Elections will be announced later on in the month. For more questions, please contact us!

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Check back here often for more information and remember, it’s your school, your voice, your SGA.

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