From the Executive Cabinet of the UMW Student Government Association

August 15, 2017– Over the weekend, many of us watched the deplorable acts that were displayed in Charlottesville, Virginia. We felt fear, sorrow, and anger for our friends, neighbors, and fellow Virginians who faced the violent rhetoric and actions of white supremacists. It is more important than ever to denounce these senseless acts of malice that have not only occurred in Charlottesville, but throughout the nation.

The UMW SGA stands in solidarity with the first responders, counter-protesters, and those who were injured fighting against hatred, bigotry, and racism. Diversity and inclusion, in academia and in the public, is necessary for civil engagement and the free exchange of thought.

It is with great sadness we recognize that for students of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities, this kind of discrimination is all too familiar. It is a daily reminder of the obstacles that discrimination, either through physical violence or systemic discrimination, is a day-to-day encounter.

Each of us has a role to play in defense of a diverse and inclusive campus community, and we encourage all students, faculty, and staff to find theirs and stand up for our shared values and beliefs. Please contact these resources with any concerns you may have or to join the conversation at UMW:

  • Arfa Vasim – Diversity & Unity Coordinating Committee Chair: (
  • Title IX Office: (540) 654-1166
  • James Farmer Multicultural Center: (540) 654-1044
  • Talley Center for Counseling Services: (540) 654-1053


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