The Issues


The first thing we want is a Student Government that will fight for you, and we promise that you are our first priority. Below are just a few of the issues that we plan on touching and talking about. We can do anything we set our minds to, but we have to work together. Whatever issue you have is one that we have. Let us know what is on your mind by either emailing us at, tweet us at @UMWSGA with #SGASoulutions, or connect with us on Facebook!

Your Voice

From the moment we began working together, we knew that it was important that students voices be heard. It’s why our school is such a tight knit community of students dedicated to their education.  We’re dedicated to giving new students avenues to express their opinions and ideas on campus. If you want to make a change, your SGA is the place you can go to express your concerns and be heard. We’ll even get back to you right away. It’s because you matter… and that’s a promise.

The Community

We know that in order for UMW to be successful, we have to build a strong relationship with the community that lasts. Take a glimpse into our efforts to reach the community and continue the gold standard of community service the University has set for the past century we’ve been one of the leading public liberal arts institutions in the nation.


We are dedicated to making sure UMW continues to build its efforts towards a sustainable future. By starting and continuing a number of new projects, we’ll reduce our impact on the Earth and do our part to make sure we’re keeping our community clean. Everyone should do their part, here’s how we are helping.

Cooperation Between Universities

We live in a state with some of the finest institutions in the country. Isn’t it time that we work together to find solutions to our common problems. By creating a network of student leaders across the Commonwealth of Virginia, we can join together and work to solve problems together. We’re working on a way to put all these leaders together in one room, at one time and create a better tomorrow.


Your Voice, Your Community, Your University

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