Presidential Appointments

Here you will find a description for each of the appointed members of the SGA Executive Cabinet.

All appointments are made by the SGA President. All appointed members are expected to attend all Executive Cabinet meetings with full voice, but as a non-voting member.


Executive Coordinator

The Executive Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating all SGA events, such as Homecoming, along with assisting with the endeavors undertaken by other members of the Executive Cabinet.


Director of Communications

The Director of Communications aids the President on matters concerning the communication of SGA projects, initiatives, and comments to the student body and the media, in addition to the execution of SGA events. The Director of Communications also serves as the press secretary and official representative of the SGA and SGA President, and has the power and responsibility to create and chair a Communications Committee as needed.


Director of Community Outreach and Involvement

The Director of Community Outreach and Involvement informs/updates the President on the activities of the local city governance. Additionally, the position is responsible for overseeing all aspects of student volunteering, including recruitment, scheduling, and supervision. The Director of Community Outreach and Involvement will be held responsible for special event planning for activities that foster relations between UMW and the Fredericksburg community. This person will work closely with the Director of Communications and Executive Coordinator in terms of promotion and public relations development through community education, involvement, and support.


Technology Coordinator

The Technology Coordinator is responsible for the general upkeep of the SGA website. The Technology Coordinator will also assist the President and other SGA members with any technology needs.



The Secretary is responsible for attending all Executive Cabinet meetings, take an accurate recording of the minutes of each meetings, and make them available to the public.



The Treasurer is responsible for the effective, timely, and accurate bookkeeping of all monetary transactions. This person is also responsible for providing sound financial advice to the SGA, and is it’s representative to the Finance Committee. The Treasurer must be able to provide an accurate running balance of the SGA account upon written request by any member of the student body at any Executive Cabinet meeting.


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